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South Korea
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Gelling Agent
Refreshing Lemon Flavour
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Dermareen® Beauty Jelly -- What beauty is all about!

Have you been looking for something to nourish and promote your youthful-looking skin? One that is delicious and convenient to take? Here is the good news! Dermareen Beauty Jelly, your beauty supplement that helps keep you beautiful inside out!

Beauty Jelly, Yummy and Healthy, Gorgeous and Youthful You! Now, this is what beauty is all about!

1.Best for Asian skin.
  • This special formulation has power-packed the easily absorbed low molecular weight collagen, vitamin C, Grape seed extract and Antioxidants.
2.Convenient and easy-to-consume
  • Consume this jelly stick as it-is, without the need to add water to it.
3.Delicious all the way!
  • The Nanofish collagen peptide used in this formula reduces the unpleasant smell and taste of marine collagens.
  • Refreshing Lemon Flavor
4.Ideal for weight watchers.
  • With only 17 kcal per strip and zero fats
5.The Korean factor.
  • 100% formulated and made in Korea with high quality ingredients


A new wave of beauty nourishment that is taking the world of beautiful people by storm. Easy-to-consume, individually wrapped jelly sticks, in delicious lemon flavour, making it the most ideal beauty and health product for women on-the-go. Specially formulated with collagen, vitamin C, grape seed extract and antioxidants, Dermareen Beauty Jelly keeps your skin supple and gorgeously youthful.


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